04 September 2010

TVB ain't all bad

TVB isn't all mindless and vacous though!

For instance um.....

Bao Zheng

He serves as an excellent example to much of the PRC today with its uber corruption not to mention that of HK's corruption in fact this is probably why they no longer show repeats of shows based around him.*

Granted all there seems to be are remakes of Legend of the Condor Heroes Wong Fei Hong and Huo Yuanjia.

Ok so I maybe biased! As I sometimes do work for TVB UK (jn what capacity is a well kept secret!)


  1. Hong Kong? Corrupt? Goddammit, is the ICAC going down?

    Then again, you listen to underground Hong Kong hip hop group LMF? They really nail it with the corruption.

    It's funny how my mother is really nationalistic when it comes to Hong Kong. She always compares it as a pure place compared to the monster that is Mainland China.

  2. Yeah corruption complaints increased 11% in 2009 against government officials. However there was only an increase of 4% ICAC investigations.

    A lot of it is covert such as the panel to decide the min wage in HK. It is stuffed full of anti min wage types. Also the old men who control HK being in bed with the government.

  3. There was something I read in a newspaper in January and Feb while I was in HK it said something like HK had a 11% increase in corruption yet at the same time the ICAC investigation rate only increased by 4% I forget where I read it.....

    But the bigger issue is the old men who control HK the rentier capitalists who make nothing but leech off others you know who! Are the biggest crooks in HK and have been in bed with the HK government for decades.