30 September 2010

What I like about China

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The thing about China I like is that it is ruled by engineers and doers. NOT accountants. This means that massive projects that cost a shed load of money which are absolutely audacious are done. Ok so you get some shitty projects like the 3 gorges dam which was badly miscalculated. I was saying this in the 1990s and old people to me told TCG shut the fuck up! You are just a child older people know better. How they eat humble pie these days. However the CCP HAS to do this as Mao promised to do this sometime in 1952 and 60 years later its still not finished.

The USSR partially managed to do this in the 1960s which caused the drying of the Aral sea in Kazakhstan so it is more like a lake these days. However they merely diverted some rivers. China instead intends to reverse some of its rivers and plumb them in to a different location. Kind of like what the USSR wanted to do with the River Ob in Siberia (I've been past this river in Siberia and it goes doe 100s of miles) But the great South North Water project is underway and its cost $62bn so far and costs are set to escalate!

Read more about it here

However its not the project that inspires me its the fact that an engineer can go to China sit in with the CCP and show him what he wants to build and there is a fair old chance the CCP will say YES built it NOW! Instead of the UK where an engineer wants to build something great and they sigh and say nope the budget can't take it... But never mind we can give all the money to the bankers instead.!

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