14 September 2010

Links Day!

My entire bookmark folder is full of these interesting sites that I just have to share. If you read this blog you may find many of them relevant to your interests.

China Hush

This is the ultimate blog/website for the most popular news stories in China all translated into English.

Angry Asian Man

Personally I foresee him as some butthurt basement dweller who’s sworn duty is to blog and report every little misfortune that falls upon Asian Americans (no matter how small). A popular white comedian makes an asian joke? You will hear about it first on AngryAsianMan! Although you have to give him credit for all the research he does and he sometimes has very interesting posts.

Asian Nation

A beautifully created website by a Vietnamese American Sociology Professor that tells you everything about every culture in the Asian American community, as well as their history, the challenges they face, even detailed demographics.

All Look The Same

An interesting blog with a test you can take to see if its true that all asians look alike. The test gives you photos of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean’s and you have to decide which ethnicity they are. The results may surprise you. There is also tests for things like architecture and food.

Ask A Korean


Speaking of China

A [white] women who blogs about issues in China and also has a segment “Ask the Yangxifu” (a foreign wife of a Chinese man) where she answers questions about relationships between Chinese and non-Chinese. It seems like TCG has competition.


An information site that can tell you everything there is to know about China. It has hundreds of articles on history, culture, people, literature, issues, cuisine, architecture and travel.

Pop Up Chinese

A free online language learning resource for Mandarin Chinese. I find this site to be incredibly useful. It includes many tools for helping one understand the language. If you want to learn Mandarin, this is a great place to start.

Pearl River Mart

See this post.


An simple website about the history of China. What makes it stand out is that it makes the history of one of the worlds oldest civilizations easy to understand and in plain English.

Our Orient

Yet another good website on China’s history and culture. The author also guides readers through many works of traditional Chinese literature and myths

True Tao

Your HTML based guide to Taoism.

The China Portal

Everything else

YouTube: Here are some of my favorite YouTuber’s who do videos on things Chinese/Asian. Some do it for fun and some discuss serious topics.


Essentially the female version of me (given I had the time and self-confidence to make YouTube videos).


A Chinese American Guy who pokes fun at his heritage for comedic purposes. Many of his videos will leave you saying “WTF!?”


Similar to itsBigBang, though much more insane.


One of YouTube’s most popular users. It isn’t really much about him that puts him on this list, as it is his co-star, his dad.


Now this I find puzzling. He makes videos discussing AMWF relationships (Asian Male-White Female) which is obviously a rare coupling. If you go to YouTube and look up AMWF, countless videos show up. While if you search for the more common AFWM, only 2 or 3 videos come up. But Im not going to go into this.

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