15 October 2010

Regional preferences?

I've seemed to notice a trend across the web (or at least the Chinese web). Many forums and editorials say that women from Sichuan are the most beautiful in China. Does this myth hold any water? Do the women in China seem to get prettier/uglier by region?


I'm answering this while fizzing off a case of beer given to me as a gift.... I have delayed this post because I had a link about Chinese facial charactoristics, it had 10-20 photos of men and women from each province in China and you could really tell the differences between them. However in failing to find this link I cannot offer it to you. Shame because it was a bloody good website.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore this subject is incredibly subjective in fact it is totally subjective. Thus one persons opinion could be totally different to anothers. Which means that anything I say here is merely from my own biased perspective (Since TCG likes women period! Though Harbin girls with their better skin (its paler as they are far up in the north east) taller and curvier due to the low temperatures). Thus geography makes a difference!

Zihyang zhi for instance many westerners would bang her like a barn door in a gale.

TCG would bang her because TCG always tends to be on the opposite side of the planet to the women I date and as such I'm generally starved much of the time. However in China she is considered to be quite ugly, its about the cheek bones and face I think. My dad who is typically Chinese wouldn't touch her if she offered herself on a plate.... though if you did put a pile of money in front of it he would make sweet love to it.

However subjectivity does reveal some interesting things.

For instance I still sometimes when I get drunk off my ass and end up alone think about a girl I met years ago who left me a dear John letter once. She was from north of Beijing. TCG currently obsesses about his Taiwanese woman. Who has a completely different attitude to many Chinese women. Or when I talk to Chinese guys in HK they have their own opinions too. Jason for instance (though Jase was born in New Jersey) currently has an obsession with women from the Chongqing area. Apparently the crater like area of mountains makes them how shall we say rugged.

Anyway this theory does hold some water as different geographical locations and diet do play a part in how people look. People in hot as hell temperate zones to control body heat say like in HK tend to be skinnier (I swear I've only seen 4 fat girls in HK!). Rice vs Wheat vs Potatoes etc. I've had debates with people about ABCs as the much better diet and better attitude makes them incredibly attractive (as America is land of opportunity while Asia is land of the automaton).

But it is dependent upon who is doing the looking! I discussed this at length with some of the men I know in HK who travel far and wide. Northern women are taller are stronger and have triangular pointy faces. Due to more mongol blood introduced about 700 years ago. Same thing near the Korean border as there has been Russian/Turkic blood mixed in with Koreans. While Patrick always tells me Hubei girls have massive tits. Etc. While the southerners seem to have square faces. This really annoys me now because I used to have a link which showed the faces of people from different regions of China and you really could tell the difference. I'd be very hard pressed

I would also note that such things about where you come from determining beauty is becoming irrelevant. 50 years ago people would barely ever leave their home villages, sometimes going to the capital of their province today people move about and mix all around therefore making the traditional people from XYZ location are most beautiful.

HOWEVER there is one great exception to this!

Taiwan. In that 60 years ago Chen Kai Shek got his ass kicked and the KMT ran away to Taiwan, taking their mistresses and other good looking types with them, which may explain the high incidence of good looking Taiwainese girls. Though as said I am completely biased because this is how I see the world. And tbh I think it is her attitude I like most rather than her looks that is not to say she isn't hot but roll it into one package.

Anyway you decide yourself


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  1. Whoever put together that Taiwanese video obviously has a fetish for women with eyes bigger than their tits.

  2. @Skeptigirl: I was thinking the same thing, though you can find anything on youtube. You should take a look at this post: