31 October 2010

Ass hat put in prison

Finally for manslaughter Kelsey Michael Mudd got 4.2 years kind of light if you ask me, but nobody asked me anyway.

But the fact that his dad played the racism card, then said he was stitched up then shifted blame onto the dead taxi driver accepting no responsibility at all, then lying about the car rolling away which it didn't. I mean watch the video you can clearly hear the car revv its balls off (note HK taxis have gear sticks on the steering column) UK cars are mostly manual/stick shift btw (TCG misses manual gear boxes because the piece of crap automatic I am driving now changes gears slowly and inappropriately).

Now if only HK prisons were more like this. (HK prisons are merely overcrowded underfunded and lack any rehabilitation processes)

Or this:

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  1. Absolutely hilarious that Riki-Oh video. Reminds me of that scene from Monty Python's meaning of life where the man over eats and explodes.