25 October 2010

Practically ancient

For some crazy ass cultural reason in China in fact most of Asia once you are 30 you are officially old this maybe some comfort to the mad engineer. There is an incredible pressure to get married have children and settle down. The same thing happens in Korea, Japan etc. Thus a lot of men and women get desperate and marry the first person who comes along. All because of social pressure and fear of being looked down upon.

Hey TCG why aren't you married yet?

Why should I get married? Note TCG is very cynical about marriage and has friends and acquaintances who are not Chinese who have merely lived together for decades in fact they are the strongest relationships I know. Heh ironically a girl said this to me about 13 years ago about it only being a piece of paper. Though I suppose she was sparing my feelings, but hey as a teenager I'd have shagged anything and everything.......

Anyway China is so freaking crazy about getting married we have all sorts of freaky things.

We have Ghost marriages which still does happen today in modern China.

We also have women and men marrying themselves now.... as a certain Taiwanese woman has just done.

To me this is a terrifically shitty deal firstly because you don't have anybody to share your life with secondly because marriage signifies adult hood, and adult hood opens you to freaking extortion as described here in Chinese society...... though oddly the western effect has happened on almost all my Chinese peers and contemporaries in that they simply don't have any children at all or just one.... the thing is Chinese families 1-2 generations ago were BIG. Though outsiders may consider families even bigger since as a mark of respect you call everybody i.e. your parents friends and family Uncle or Auntie.

Hey Asia is a very strange place

For example

A guy who marries a video game character

A Korean guy (not THE Korean) Marries a pillow

Or that guy from Zhuhai who married himself. He's called Liu Ye or something.

Maybe this is appropriate.

Unless of course you take Cohburn's view that the object of life is not marriage and or love since not everybody gets it.

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