21 October 2010

Chinese Genetics

This is a follow up to the question on regional differences as well as my article on Asian eyes.

I found an article on Chinese genetics and what makes them unique. Its kind of tl;dr, but its divided into topics like "Yellow skin" and "Northern vs Southern". Read it here.


  1. I think this post is too long. Most blog readers may not want to read this much material at a single sitting. Perhaps you could have subdivided it into multiple posts. I did not make it to the end. Some parts of this have nothing to do with genetics, like squatting, has much more to do with small size brought on by diet and life style. I know many ABCs who are large and never had to squat and find it as uncomfortable or more so than me.

  2. Skeptigirl: You can just read it all in parts, and you don't need to read it all in one sitting. As you can see, it is subdivided into categories for convenience and organizational purposes.

    This post was very lengthy though, but thankfully I had enough free time and was able to read it in one sitting.

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