19 October 2010

Ha Ha!

Ah such things warm the cockles of my heart. Ok so it is much like Schadenfreude but you fucked up our economy (UK/US whatever. Loads of banker types threatened to piss off to Asia if the 50% tax was introduced it was introduced.

However we have some good (old) news that simply FILTHs (failed in London try Hong Kong) are no longer wanted any more.... (here old link). Then again FILTHs have been replaced by FIHKTSH (Failed in Hong Kong try Shanghai). Except the thing is Mainland China is dead risky for bankers (read fraudsters) who make up imaginary debts and lend imaginary money to people. Here is a quick quiz, for British people if there is only 50-70bn in cash, that is coins £5, £10£20 & £50 notes how can the government collect £550bn of taxes eh? Its mostly a con.

Anyway China is a risky proposition as fraud of the kind done by bankers is punishable by death, for the gold bugs out there gold smuggling and trading (gold) without a licence is also punishable by death too.....

And with it Lam Kwai Fong, a horrible place home of the £100 and even £1000 beer. Where people buy expensive beers to show just how wealthy they are. Or the I am rich Iphone app....

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