10 October 2010

Some entertaining games

Much as I hate the way in media HK is portrayed as a place full of gun toting degenerate psychos gang bangers and people who lisp their English terribly.

Such as Hitman code name 47.

Deus Ex

Or even Soldier of fortune 2

Though SoF2 is rather a good game, though the NPC chatter when you are shooting them sounds really funny to my ears (they really got a bad translator for it) though it does make it seem more authentic.

I have been enjoying over the weekend a game of stranglehold by John Woo. With Chow Yun Fat as the ultimate killing machine. Its only a couple quid on Amazon.

It is everything Max Payne 2 should have been (max payne 2 was crap)

In that the hodge podge of buildings signs etc on the first 2 levels and also the penultimate level really do look like some of the places I've seen before.. Well you know aside from all the gun toting lunatics trigger happy cops whose guns never seem to run out of ammo, who can slow down time at will and dodge bullets in super slow motion and take on Hind gunship with little more than a pistol (though rambo does exactly the same thing here) I thought it was worthy enough to give it a thumbs up.

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