26 October 2010

A taste of American politics part 2

Following on from this post

There are some amusing things in these radio loops from one of my fave games. The Deb of Night. Voiced by Karis Campbell born in Kowloon.

from IMDB

Vampire the Masquerade bloodlines, it didn't sell well when it first came out. It came out on steam and still didn't sell well. When patched up to version 7 it is worth a play as it's pretty good.

4 minutes 45 seconds is where the republican adverts kick in..... art immitating life or life immitating art? Though the whole thing is worth listening to.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Admittedly this game has LA China town in it.... which is portrayed again in a negative light as it is filled with gun toting gangbangers. Assassins, monsters and Jiang shi types.

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