21 March 2011

1950s USA is China?

You know this reminds me a lot about my own youth not so long ago. The person speaking talks about China feeling like the 1950s USA. In that my visits sporadically to China make me feel this way sometimes. Though of course I wasn't even born in 1950s USA. Nor do I know if the USA is how the podcaster describes either as it could be completely different. I do know though that the UK economy is absolutely on the ropes. Pay cuts all round announced today.... bugger...

Although I know memories play tricks on us, I recall the 1980s.

Back in the 1980s it felt a lot freer, I'd walk home alone from school, I'd arrive home alone. We would vanish off for the whole day on bicycles and nobody would really care our parents would say be careful and we would go out graze our knees and generally get hurt but have fun.

Maybe it's all the responsibilities I have these days which mean I'm jaded, or the way I'm constantly encouraged to move over to China, a job or two every week pops up in Longgang or Zhuhai now and again which I think I could do that....

Maybe it's the feeling of greener grass maybe it's just nothing, as I read the Korean's post and felt my experience differed greatly from his experiences...

Maybe I'm just probably rambling.

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