07 March 2011

Oh TCG, you're so typical...

at least thats what National Geographic says according to world statistics. A study by National Geographic says that the typical human is a right handed, 28 year old Han Chinese male who lives in or near the city, is literate and works in the services industry.

Did I just blow your mind?

Even so, that composite image does not represent humanity as a whole. It was made from over 7000 Chinese men. The reason it was only Chinese men is because there are more Chinese men than the men of any other single ethnic group. While no ethnic group makes up the majority of all humans, Chinese outnumber any other individual ethnic group. If you wanted to see what the average human would look like all ethnic groups considered, it would probably look like the cover of TIME magazine Fall 1993:

Ok, America ≠ The World, but I don't think you can find a better example as the US is definitely the worlds most diverse nation.


  1. Now I will imagine The Chinese Guy to look exactly like that guy on the video.

  2. The face of that woman on Time Magazine looks quite a lot like my daughter, my wife being Spanish. To be honest I think the average American wouldn't look quite so European, more Indo/African these days. Last time I visited New York I was shocked how ugly everyone was, not one hot girl anywhere.