03 March 2011

Food delivery in Hong Kong?

Dear Chinese guy.

Is it true that you can get McDonalds delivered in Hong Kong? Why don't they do this here?


Dear Shin

Yes McDonalds does deliver in Hong Kong, hell pretty much every hot food place in Asia delivers, I suppose it is because it is part of the lives and culture of the people. Asians work damned hard, while ass hats like me get 30 days holiday a year in Asia more than 5 days a year is considered a lot of holidays! Also because labour is comparatively cheap as well as there being a much wider acceptance of scooters and light motorcycles being used as run abouts. These being advantageous since they use less fuel and are not bothered by traffic. Combined with the uber population densities of most major cities in Asia. Compared with say Los Angeles a big American city. In the city 3.8 million people live in the LA area. While OTOH In Hong Kong you have 6 mllion people living in an area the size of erm. Santa Monica in Hong Kong. Beijing isn't as bad, but Seoul and Tokyo are obsene where maximum security prison cells make the flats and apartments there look big. Which means that in a 5 minute scootay ride you have potentially 50,000 consumers. While over here in the UK even in the city centre the population is pretty low. In Suburb land populaton density is so low that in a 5 minute radius you get barely 1000 potential consumers.

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