11 March 2011

Fookin' A!

For absolutely no reason at all the HK government saw fit to give TCG $6000. Ok ok it's only $770 US. £488 UK GBP but it is a damn sight more than the UK government has ever given me and they gouge me for 34% of EVERY freakin' penny I make.


Granted the source of this money is probably this magical device

However it is much more satisfactory than when the UK produces money like this as I get a piece of it instead of it being given to their best mates......


  1. Don't you have to be a HK permanent resident?
    Well, don't blow it all on skydives.

  2. Nah all you need is 3* citizenship = perm resident even if you don't live there. Though tbh with the economy on the ropes I'm seriously considering a move. Secretary pay there is better than qualified accountant pay here!