28 March 2011



Is it easy to over dose on eastern medicine and if u can please name the side effects.

This question I believe is impossible to answer, namely because eastern medicine covers an awful lot of things. And while something in huge quantities may not do you any harm. For example, herbal teas like Chrysanthemum tea or 24 herb tea. Or the numerous Chinese broths that are concocted up. At family dinners, spinach soup you can drink all day and all night nothing will happen to you. Ginger coca cola cold cure you can drink gallons of the stuff and nothing will happen to you. Something dangerous you can take and it will appear to do no harm but will have some long term effects Ipicac for example makes you vomit but damages your heart over time if used a lot.

On the other hand there are things which in small quantities can hurt you really bad. One of my semi relatives is currently a vegetable in an old persons home because she consumed too much of something.... I was in HK when it happened to her she had a really bad stroke and was not discovered for quite sometime and thus effectively lost all of her personality...I'm not exactly sure if it is a casual relationship between the medicine and her stroke though. Namely because her medical notes are sealed and I don't like to pry. It also makes me sad to see her abandoned like that.... I do not have power of attorney over her either. I don't know what it was but it was a medicine of some kind. Before this event she could take on tigers in hand to hand combat and win.

Therefore I can't really answer your question. As I am not a trained medical professional and it would be incredibly dangerous (and foolish) to follow any advice I give you or do not give you. I would say if you are going to a herbal doctor in China/HK, listen to him or her and tell them what you are taking in addition to the Chinese medicine. Exactly as you would tell your western doctor if you were feeling ill and needed some meds.

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  1. Everything has a lethal dose, everything. Even things you think of as good, like water, or oxygen.