12 March 2011


You can probably tell the UK weather is crap today.....

Anyway internet stream channel surfing I came upon a short segment of this....... seriously do people think the scary Anime face is a good look to have?


HK's version

More here

Meh Photoshop is EVIL I tells ya (even though I made a small living out of it a long time ago)

The real Wang looks like this.

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  1. actually, to be fair to her, bless, there's a bit of a resemblence between her original photo and the ps'ed one anyway, don't you think? i.e. small nose, narrow face, big eyes albeit different shape.. both are merely 2D representations of the real person, just that one's with some enhancements and the other without? :) don't misunderstand, i'm not condoning it...
    i do feel sorry for the vast majority of girls her age wanting to meet the ideal look(thereby rejecting their own original) but honestly, what can they do when what's gone around as "the" acceptable standard of "beautiful" is set at that sort of standard(at least in that part of the world)? it's unfortunate but many young girls will be influenced to attain that with whatever means they have access to. :-|