25 March 2011

North Korea

Ages and ages ago I posted about Monkeytime going to North Korea.

I only just noticed they've actually posted the entire series up on youtube.

Here is the first part:

Part 1 is mostly exposition though

Part 2 is where it begins

A different point of view curtesy of Comtourist

Oddly enough I considered going to NK a few months ago, I think this saved me the trip tbh since I would probably say no to everything asked of me and would have gotten my ass kicked. Also TCG as a quirk of his heritage never bows or kneels EVER.


  1. 1) How the hell did a pair of ordinary westerners get a visa to the DPRK!? (You could probably sell it for a shit ton of money afterwards)

    2) Why would you go to North Korea? Wouldn't you be afraid of being imprisoned or something?

  2. Anybody can get a North Korean visa. Except South Koreans, the DPRK even lifted the restrictions on US citizens going to NK in 2010.You have to book an approved guide via an approved travel agency and be escorted at all times. It used to be $10,000 for a trip via train from Beijing, it's somewhat cheaper now.

    Secondly I believe life is about experiences (as is Monkeytime's philosophy) and I believe it would be a unique experience to try.