06 March 2011

TCG has a new hobby

Simply TCG is busy.... and will be busy for for quite some time TCG will endeavour to answer your questions on bad weather days while waiting on the ground watching the perpetual clouds over UK drop zones.

Simply TCG has become slightly addicted to this:

The wind is distorting my face honest gov.... :)

0.25 seconds before my bollocks were turned into the consistency of boysenberry jam.

I'd show you the entire video but it is mildly embarrassing as this was jump number 6 and I wasn't particularly good by jump 6 and that was quite a few jumps ago! Thus you understand my enthusiasm for ATCG is somewhat muted compared to this.


  1. Skydiving? What drove you to do that?
    If you really want a thrill try a Zero Gravity flight:


  2. The $5000 cost and the $1000 cost of flying to Florida is somewhat prohibitive!

  3. Sky diving is somewhat prohibitive too, but fun and it will make a man out of you. Worked for me.

  4. Yeah it's not cheap, but with my own second hand gear the local drop zone charges £19 a drop and in April May they'll do a special of £16 a drop. (15000ft) Stopping drinking and bringing lunches to work pretty much pays for a couple of jumps a week.