18 May 2010

China school stabbings


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Note this post was written a while ago, as of May 11th there have been 7 stabbing rampages.

All of them are blokes / teachers who go nuts and go on a murder spree, so what is TCG's take on all this? My thoughts are multi fold.

Firstly there are rather a lot more people in China than anywhere else attacks on children can and do happen, in the Uk there have been plenty of torture and or murders of people's children, with a population 20 times bigger you get 20 times as many. In fact there has even been a teacher beating up a child here

However (puts his amateur psychologist hat on) I think the reasoning behind this in China is complex:

Firstly in society you get a large number of sociopaths, that is one notch down from a psychopath, where they don't get the courage up take it up a level and start doing the bad things psychopaths are known for. There was a study post WWII where it was found 2% of soldiers were natural born killer socio/psychopaths therefore modern training has adapted to make soldiers shoot first then think as it makes them much more effective killing machines.

Secondly China has grown fast, psychiatric and medical help for such problems often simply does not exist, socialised medicine doesn't exist much in China, and the psychiatric help you can get costs a fortune. You can't just say I feel rather unwell please can I see a psychiatrist or a psychologist?

Thirdly China is a face orientated society, you are to hide your weaknesses and put a brave face on things therefore people who could have gone and asked for help, tend to hide their need for help and as above if they needed help where exactly would they get this help? People will think if I go and get this treated how exactly will it affect my career? TCG has had similar ramblings from colleagues in accountancy before and I know quite a few of them hid their mental illnesses as they were scared it would ruin their career. Same thing in China, where there is no welfare unless you return to your home village even then it is limited.

Fourthly we have little emperor syndrome the one child policy from 1979 to the present has created 100s of little emperors. Whereby they have one child and thus treat their children incredibly well as little emperors. My dad for instance he has 3 sisters and 2 brothers, due to the old economics thing about supply and demand more children = lower value of each one. He was treated like crap by his parents as they could just rely on another one instead. In China this is worse, the children are treated like treasure by their parents, the schools are often private and thus a going concern, you castigate the children you lose customers the boss gets pissed off at you and you get fired so you can't discipline them either. In many ways they are worse than the chavs you get in schools in the UK as quite simply you can take time off from stress, or do what my teacher in school did.

My teacher in school (a very poor inner city area) stood up in class and said to me:

"All you people won't amount to shit you're all going to end up on the dole anyway."

He then sat down and read the newspaper for the rest of the year he was 92% correct as during the school reunion of 2007 out of the year of about 102 most of the people were on the dole.

The videos below of Monkeytime are actually quite typical in China especially of wealthy children this is a 'good' class, there are worse videos of much worse classes of course but this was was convenient.

Quite simply the management doesn't give a fuck, so the teachers get the flak, the parents see their children as never wrong and thus the teacher is to blame, the teacher here even in the youtube comments gets an incredible amount of abuse.

  • Therefore the teachers cannot discipline the children.
  • Therefore the teachers cannot turn to the management of the school for help
  • Therefore the teachers cannot turn to the Chinese NHS (national health service) as it does not exist.
  • Therefore the teachers cannot turn to other people other than maybe their families who will tell them to keep it secret as they have bills to pay.
  • Therefore the teachers cannot go to the papers to embarrass the children into behaving either.

And thus quite simply they snap and go nuts on a killing spree., as I said before there are a great many sociopaths in society they normally do not go psychopath either keeping control of their desire to murder people or never being driven to it. While here I reckon they are pushed towards it. Of course this is just my humble opinion of what is going on and I could be very wrong.


  1. were they all on SSRI's? anti-depressants?
    sounds as if they may have been.
    if so, they fit the mode of similar extreme acts in the USA.

  2. It's impossible to tell. As I mentioned in many other posts going to a doctor is shameful, things wrong with you is shameful. That doesn't mean you can't go to a chemist and buy your own though. This is not the wisest courses of action!