16 May 2010

Closing times

Dear TCG

Why do Chinese takeaways and restaurants all tend to close on Mondays or Tuesdays?


Dear Brian

Erm isn't this a tad obvious? Mondays and Tuesdays are the least busy days of the week, therefore you close = less loss of business. The preferred closing day in modern times is Tuesday so this does not interfere with Bank Holiday Monday openings.

Chinese people all collectively elect a day to take off so they can all go and party together. In Manchester for example Piccadilly 21s and Mr Smiths in nearby Warrington as well as in Bolton at the Temple. As below:

Oh look TCG did it again and put in lairy stuff to ogle,

Are filled with young Chinese people, unfortunately the triad gangs started coercing people into joining them and thus these Chinese nights are no longer as packed as previously. In fact let me go off on one of my many tangents, my over used story of the early 2000s was when I peeved off a gang banger in the temple and had about 20 hand guns pointed at me. The old adage of look but do not touch especially gangster's girlfriends applies here.


  1. Piss right off , wanted chinky chop Tuesday , bastards closed

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