17 May 2010

Chinese Weddings pt3

The night before

The bride will usually take the day off and stay at home with her close friends and immediate family, they are supposed to tell her their grief at her departure and she is supposed to do the same. They are supposed to bad mouth the groom and his family EVEN her own parents for giving her away. This is supposed to be a sleep over. And she isn't supposed to leave the house until the next morning. She is NOT to see any of the groom's family at all.

TCG's notes:

This actually does still happen in modern times and I won't insult your intelligence since you can probably apply this to modern day life, except the bride tends not to stay in and goes out on the town instead for a hen night instead. Usually savouring the last moments of freedom much like a stag night.

Installing the Bridal Bed

At the same time the groom gets his stick love nest ready and should install the bed, this is supposed to entail lots of children, which is a bit of an anachronism in China due to the one child policy of Deng Xiao Ping since 1979. Traditionally the groom isn't supposed to do this at all and get his mates to do it, it is better luck to buy a new bed rather than use an old bed. The groom will come in after it is installed and shift it slightly.

After which children are invited to sit on the bed the more the merrier.

TCG notes, this still does happen, as a teenager I was locked into bedrooms with other children for no apparent reason at all, and on the bed was stacked snacks of fruit and nuts. I never knew what this happened to be but they slammed the door on us and told us to wait for a bit. I never really twigged until my twenties when I saw other people's children being locked in a bed room as TCG was too old for this when he twigged.

Tomorrow or when I feel like it Part 4 Or as I call it are we nearly there yet you have a penchant for beating around the bush don't you? You should see my books.

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