23 May 2010

Evil Japanese imperialists!

Reader Kevin B sent me these links

I stumbled upon this. There is a Chinese video game in development sponsored by the Communist Party in which players must fight the Japanese in WWII. It depicts the Japanese unfavorably and is meant to encourage "national spirit".

Moar here:

Yet again China is stoking up nationalism and jingoistic things in, a sign of yet more cracks appearing in Communist China? I've said it plenty of times about China fragmenting or even going the whole hog into civil war as even the USSR fell apart after 80 years.

But they are milking events that happened over 60 years ago, sure Japan uses revisionist history about the atrocities committed in China, yet surely they can come up with something more recent to be nationalistic or patriotic about these days can't they?

Or is this just a storm in a tea cup? As there are lots of controversial video games

Ethnic cleansing game

Self explanatory

Super columbine massacre

Self explanatory

Left behind game

About non faithful people being left behind once the rapture occurs I think


WTF a Japanese rape simulator?

Muslim massacre

Again self explanatory

There are many more controversial games of course. However almost all of the above are made by private companies the kicker here being this after having a glance into it is state sponsored. TCG thinks it won't work though as nationalism can for a temporary time paper over the cracks but not all of them.

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