10 May 2010


Hi, I saw your website and thought it was neat. I just had a general question about Chinese guys or Chinese American guys. Is there a particular fetish or attraction of Chinese guys for other ethnicity's of women? For example do a lot of Chinese guys fancy white girls? sometimes I get that feeling from my Chinese guy friends. I also know some of them that really into Japanese girls and culture.


Dear Jack.

Please be aware that this post is not particularly lucid. Some of this post is conjecture and some of it is my own opinion I cannot possibly account for all the op pinions of all Chinese people. Also remember Rule #34

I have never visited the US, so I cannot comment on Chinese men in the US. I would hazard a guess they are similar to FBC foreign born Chinese in their attitudes though.

However enough beating about the bush (though not quite)

Fetishes are rather personal things, and summing up such things would be rather difficult and it is summed with the old phrase. Different strokes for different folks. Somethings are like Marmite, you love it or hate it.

For example I most definitely do not like S&M, I learnt from painful experience :)

If there is only one thing to remember about Chinese men, it’s this they are MEN before they are Chinese. Tits and a vagina? Yup quite a few Chinese men would go for that. The Chinese guy can't stress this enough: Chinese MEN ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS ALL MEN. Gay men accepted of course.

However there are some exceptions, you might think I'm fucking with you here but I'm not serious.

Exception 1:

Chinese men born in China (inc HK, Taiwan, Macau etc) are superstitious to the extreme, but Chinese people are superstitious in general. I mean they won't walk under ladders, there are no 4th or 13th floors. Heh Mike a guy I know in Hong Kong lives in a high rise flat he told me he lives on the 52nd floor sounds high right? But there is no 4, 13,24,34,40-49 so there are a whole swath of floors missing (the 4th or 13th floor are cheap to rent though). TCG is not superstitious and laughs at people's superstitions I'm a rouge don'tcha know I leave my toilet lid and seat up 365 days a year and have a number plate with TWO fours in it.

Why have I gone off on this tangent?

Watch this video. (it is from a series called Smack the pony)

Mostly Chinese women in China (but curiously in Korea they do shave I am the perfect mocking bird) do not shave the older women definitely not, the younger women don't either.

The reason for this is that it is unlucky, something called white tiger or Pak Lo Fu. Sleeping with a woman shaved down there is unlucky.

Here is an extract from my book:

Though Chinese people are incredibly superstitious of even the most ridiculous things, although you may think I am portraying this in jest but it is completely true, such as always closing the toilet lid in case their wealth escapes down the toilet. Or an even stranger one where if a woman gets a Brazilian trim down there it is unlucky for any lucky men who manage to bed her. Such that a super model could be pulled but when it came to the actual act once the knickers were off it would be a case of:

Erm, no thanks luv but I’ll just have to pass.” Or whatever they would say in Chinese. This sounds ridiculous but it is true, it is called white tiger if you are interested or wish to raise a smirk from asking a Chinese person. I wonder if dental floss sells well there.

Therefore men in China will often have qualms about shagging a Chinese girlie with no hair down there. I suppose FBC men will have no such qualms I certainly don't, if you can find it look up a photo of Cecilia Cheung scandal with Edisson Chen. And she gives the woman in the video as above a run for thier money. My 93 day beard on my Mongolian motorbike adventure wasn't as impressive as her bush.

(please Mr Gilletee let me go!)

Though of course this is changing and attitudes change of course more like the fucking Gillete corporation or Veet wanting to make more money off people I reckon)and the younger you are the less likely you are to believe in such superstitions. However Gillete might have a point though, as a girlie I was dating in 2007 eating at the furry cup was very furry indeed, I didn't need to floss my teeth that night.

Exception 2:

Tits, Chinese girls in China by and large are small sleight and skinny, wayy too skinny. The old joke applies

- How do you make 5 lbs. of fat attractive? Put a nipple on it. ...

Chinese girls totally do not have big tits (Hubei women are a bit of an exception to this and harbin too), Taiwanese girls are a bit of an exception (as that Bastard Chen Kai Sheik's KMT took all their mistresses with them to Taiwan). I have a story about that too Holly a girl I met in Beijing who was heading to Hong Kong (you know who you are Holly), she had massive tits and I spent a whole day with her, massive massive tits and in Beijing everybody kept staring at her chest. Therefore it is something you can't see in China very much therefore a woman with big tits = good. But this is irrelevant as any hetrosexual male will consider big tits = good.

Exception 3:

Ass, Again this is to do with body fat and also genetics, in that Chinese women do not have decent bums, from hanging around on beaches in China and Hong Kong (I don't want you to make me think I am some fucking stalker weirdo who watches people on beaches the last time I was on a beach was with a girl called Michelle in Cheung Chau btw), In that Chinese girls do not have great butts, their back suddenly ends and merge instantly into their legs they are ass less. Ahem but again this does not count again as any hetrosexual male will fancy a great ass on a woman


Japanese girls? Who doesn't like Japanese girls? Though I think this is because of the prevalence of Japanese porno. Pornography in China is illegal, in Hong Kong is isn't but porn is so frigging mild it makes you laugh. I think off the top of me head an R film is the erm hardest thing you can see at the cinoplex right? In the UK this is 18. In Hong Kong this is Cat III. Its quite funny as a woman with a wet t-shirt can get a Cat III rating in Hong Kong. And much porn you may find sold in Mongkok and the various cyber centres selling copied DVDs (i.e.) everywhere has Japanese porn.

Though this will probably piss the Korean off Korean girls is where it is at these days, and hey China has had a long tradition of raiding Korea since the Ming Dynasty to fill the Forbidden City with Korean Concubines hell the Yongle Emperor was half Korean.

As a bit of a closing comment however about Chinese men attracted to white women, I would say probably too, with the best of both worlds being FBC girls. It is a case of attitude, people born in Europe and North America are raised to believe ANYTHING is possible and are therefore more liberated psychologically and physically. Far too often has TCG sat in bars in China hearing other Chinese men complain their gf's just lie there and take it. Though of course attitudes are changing! Not to mention the fact CG's seem to still eat with their mouths open, burp in my presence as if I am nothing and when they wrong

So in answer to your original question, no not really, men and Chinese men come in all shapes and sizes and have desires of all shapes and sizes,


  1. About the White Tiger superstition, is it also considered bad luck if a girl is shaved but keeps a small patch of hair?

  2. About raiding Korea for women. I am from Finland and I always heard stories about Vikings raiding Finland for women. It is not like we had anything else. We were not a militaristic people, and still aren't. We were peaceful farmers. I thought this story was just a story Finns told to say that our women were so hot. Then I went to a Viking exhibit in Minneapolis and there was a Finnish woman's traditional dress and a plaque telling how Viking men used to raid Finland for wives. I guess it must be true or the plaque was written by a Finn.

  3. Dear Anon.

    I guess not, because TCG's long term on off Taiwanese girlfriend who treats TCG like a booty call (I'm not complain') is nicely waxed so that it is not like flossing when erm drinking from the (semi) furry cup.