13 May 2010

Material girl cover.

Dear TCG

I remember an old Song from TVB tapes I heard quite often as a child I can't remember who the writer or who did the vocals however it was a cover of Material girl or sounded like it. Ive checked wikipedia and asked on lots of forums but nobody seems to have heard of it

Vanessa Y

Dear Vanessa

Today is your lucky day. I know the song because erm I know the song. The song is by Sally Yeh/Yip. It is called 200 degrees, it is uncredited on wiki probably because they are so incredibly embarrassed just to watch the video, back in 1985 this was probably cool but today is rather embarrassing.

葉蒨文 200度

And you can watch the video here:

Try watch the video and not smirk at the two guys.

You may remember Sally from such films as the killer

Sally plays the poor girl who sings at the start and is involved in a massive shootout and is blinded by Chow Yun Fat

TCG reactivating repressed childhood memories since 2009!

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