04 June 2010

4th June 21 years later

TCG is banned in China anyway, I had ONE visitor from Mainland China and they banned my ass in China. Hello Hong Kong, goodbye Macau though.

The long video is interesting, and to be honest looks like fuck all has changed, other than they widened the outer party, the people mostly are still exploited and there is vast inequality still.

(TCG was in the middle of Siberia last year so could not blog the 20th)

Here is the kicker, as many many people on various forums disagree with me that China will as an entity fall apart in the next ten years.

Listen to the long video, the inequalities TODAY are EVEN WORSE than back in the 1980s. In the 1980s there was socialism, factory workers actually got to sleep during lunch instead of being worked to death almost as a sickening parody of Karaoshi.

Sure sure students are idealistic but today it is even worse as before it was socialist, i.e. you got ill they might now have had the best hospitals or if you lost your job you were protected. What the hell is there now? People are fucking scared to hell of spending their money because they get ill they need to pay same with pensions.

Quite simply while many have been bought off and bribed to stay quiet when China boasts of the 200-300 million new middle class (note that even these people are fucked over as with the Urk post if you get too rich you get it taken off you, and if you are middle o the road your children get degrees which are WORTHLESS). But the bribery can't go on forever nor can the corruption or the exploitation.

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