16 June 2010

You want a light sabre?

No not like this you perv!

Like this:

(good bit starts from 41 seconds, note this clip was banned in the UK and took over 50 takes)

Sky News here has been telling people these made in China 'light sabres' are dangerous, no shit Sherlock, most things from China are pretty freaking dangerous anyway like the burning sofas.* Ironically, in sky telling people these things are freaking dangerous they have probably increased the market share of http://www.wickedlasers.com/ a huge deal. What was it Harriet Harman when she told people to ban a working girl website? She gave them more publicity than they could have dreamt of.

*note if you choose the uber cheapest item from a made in China manufacturer there has got to be something wrong with it, it is like curry fish balls you can get 10 of them for $8 you seriously think curry fishballs have any nutritional value?

Sky news says

The device - with a beam 1,000 times stronger than sunlight on the skin - is touted by makers as "the most dangerous laser ever created".

Trading standards chiefs said they were "seriously concerned" about the sale of the Spyder III Pro Arctic model and have warned against its use.

As well as blinding, burning and causing cancer, its Hong Kong-based maker, Wicked Lasers, admits that "a split-second laser light in a plane cockpit (...) can be disastrous".

Star Wars fans are among hundreds of people who have already shown an interest in buying the laser, for sale to the general public for £135.

TCG doesn't see a problem, if you burn yourself and or give yourself cancer you only have yourself to blame take some responsibility. Children in generally do not have credit cards and thus are not capable of buying this themselves, ergo parents will probably buy it for their children who then hurt themselves and then attempt to absolve themselves of all blame. Which is bollocks!

It's like those parents who pretend to be responsible but then allow their children to use the Internet unsupervised. The events are unfortunate but it goes to show nothing happens until there are bodies.

If I was to give a loaded Uzi to my hypothetical son who's fault would it be if the theoretical CG's son went on a shooting rampage or shot himself? Would it be Uzi gaz for inventing the Uzi or mine?

Of course this does not apply if you use it against somebody else, then you are an absolute cunt of mammoth proportions, much like you are a fucking coward if you use a stun gun to attack somebody.

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