11 June 2010

Theres an app for that

There that should scare a few of my HK based readers away... Anyway

Not really I hate the apple style branding of things FYI I use a very very old assembled in Ireland Dell.


The HK government in their in infinate wisdom no not concrete love, (The HK government is obsessed with concrete as a building material and its solution to everything is more concrete you should see Kowloon park it is 80% concrete) no but the HK government have set up a website to to give you reminders of the dead. And to venerate them, so no longer do you have to trudge up a mountain side with paper things and burn them you can do it online. TCG doesn't do this anyway as his dead relatives were exhumed sometime ago and stuffed into jars which reside in my uncles living room. Land is freaking expensive in Hong Kong, and you want eternal rest you gotta pay rent on that. TCG prefers to be carved up for organs then the rest flushed down the toilet.

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