23 June 2010

One child policy

Dear TCG

What happens with the Chinese one child policy when twins are born? Do they still get fined or what?


Dear Ramen

The one child policy only really applies to cities outside the big cities nobody really cares, and tbh the one child policy is being relaxed as an experiment in a suburb of Shanghai somewhere. Due to the babyboomer demographic effect that almost all western nations are suffering right now. Anyway back on topic. If you are non Han Chinese nothing happens to you.

If you are Han Chinese and you have twins, nothing happens to you as it is one pregnancy and one birth and it is a circumstance which is beyond your control anyway. And tbh with the ever increasing cost of raising children in China two children is a big enough fine anyway so you won't get fined.

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  1. Actually your answer is dead wrong. The one child policy is strictly and brutally enforced in the countryside. If you research the policy there are many more forced abortions and sterilizations amongst the smaller cities and countryside as compared to the big cities mainly because the people can be oppressed in ways people in the city cannot. In the cities it is not uncommon to see couples with multiple kids because they can afford to pay the fines, also better forms of contraception is available in areas with mass population. In the countryside local leaders are often rewarded for meeting quotas and thus take advantage of the residents.