14 June 2010

China scams 10

Ok ok so we've covered the first scam from the construction company. But they are all in it and pay bribes to the HKG therefore there is nothing people can really do about it. (For you Americans Estate agents are realtors just in case you didn't know).

Anyway the even worse insidious people are the estate agencies. They double count like politicians.

As I said before using say a 600sq ft flat, you'd expect there to be 600sqft of floor space right? Like if you buy a car you would expect it to have wheels right?

In HK estate agents are scummers, as said often the livable space in a flat/apartment is as low as 50% of the advertised floor space. Estate agents also count the walls as living space for starters. But they count things you don't even think of!

  • The landing outside your flat ~ this is counted as usable floor space
  • The freaking LIFT ~ this is counted as usable floor space
  • The lobby downstairs is often counted too but divided between the flats ~ this is counted as usable floor space.
  • The stairs! ~ this is counted as usable floor space
  • A shelf no really you have an 8x8 room, minus the wall space lets say it is really 7x7 (it often is) so you get 49sq ft, not too bad, livable not great but this is Hong Kong remember. An estate agent will come along advertising place including the wall space as 64sqft. The scummer agent then sticks a 4x1 shelf up or even four of the damned things ~ this is counted as usable floor space this then becomes 68sqft. He adds 4 more shelves and suddenly your 49sqft room has become 80sqft.
  • The above can be repeated in all sorts of ways, so a shelf above a shower thats space.
  • Window sills are counted.
  • The narrow shelf which sits OUTSIDE your flat hanging 200ft above the ground is counted as space.
  • The freaking window sill on the outside is again counted as usable livable space.
  • The washing line! is counted as space.
  • A fan vent which is a hole in the wall is double counted too

Hey wait, I think I just thought of a way to pick up the hot babe who works as an estate agent in Tai Po. When I can claim to have a Lexington Steele or even a Jonah Falcon freakshow and when I finally whip it out claim exactly the same arguements as she claims.

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