20 June 2010

Shanghai Cooperation Organization?

Dear TCG

What is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization? I here its like a NATO of the east. A security agreement between China, Russia and central Asian countries. Does it mean if China enters a war then Russia is obligated to back them up?

Kevin B

Dear Kevin.

The SCO is just a talking shop and a nice piece of propaganda put out by the PRC and the members of the SCO. It talks about economic cooperation, military cooperation and security.

In reality all of the things it was supposed to be discussing were being discussed behind closed doors anyway, military exercises. Kazakh oil in China, Russian energy to China etc.

Therefore it is nothing other than a front to pretend to be in cahoots with each other and closer to each other than they really are. Just look up on youtube the SCO there is a shit load of propaganda on there making it out as if it is a massive military alliance. Granted China does need military practice and the military exercises are useful to it as they haven't fought a proper war since 1979 where they had their asses handed to them on a plate. While the US and even the UK have been involved in nasty wars many wars for a long time. But these kinds of joint exercises would have happened anyway. Oman for instance is not in NATO yet has joint exercises with the UK armed forces.

Iran for example is in the SCO yet what just happened? China didn't stand up for Iran at the UN did they? Russia is also fairly pissed it can't sell Iran its missiles either. And if it were really a proper alliance China and Russia would be happy Iran is getting the bomb, they aren't. The USSR as a military pact before the total disintegration of Sino/USSR relations in the 1960s helped China build the bomb. The Ukraine also got the bomb too. Not to mention the USA helped the UK attain its nuclear weapons. Though the British pulled off a master stroke piece of deception against the US military in operation Grapple (A quick precis is that the British 1MTN H bomb was fake! It was a massive A-bomb we didn't reveal to the US this fraud until the 1990s)

There are also plenty of disagreements already. China wants more Sukoi-27 Flankers which are about even to the US F15E. Russia doesn't want to sell them anymore because they fear China will reverse engineer them and make copies of them. The Mig21 for example has been reverse engineered for decades. With Israeli help before 1989 they were still using the Mig 21s descendants.

So right now the SCO is just a talking shop facade which is a nice propaganda play for both the US and the countries involved. The US can sex it up as a big threat like they did with the USSR, for instance the T72 was sexed up to be a phenomenal killing machine and was said to be more powerful than the M1 Abraham's, or the Challenger tanks. This was bullshit... well not bull shit as the T72 was a phenomenal killing machine... for its own crew...I forget the thing I saw but the auto loader had a tendency to load crew members into the barrel and in Iraq the M1 tank divisions wasted the Iraqi T72s.

If you have an hour the Power of Nightmares is interesting to watch.

Companies which make weapons in the US benefit from bigging up the SCO, China gets to spread nationalistic propaganda about its military capabilities by bigging up the SCO. Both sides therefore get advantages out of it, US military spending goes up etc.

In the future maybe 10-20 years time they will become a NATO like organisation but right now they aren't anything special.

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