04 June 2010

China Scams Bootnote

Please note!

I'm not saying other places do not have scams or that China is a scammers paradise, I've been scammed a few times on my travels. A taxi driver in Istanbul for example kept taking on passengers and demanding I pay. Or this freaking Kebab place in Russia had a unfair weight thingies on the scales. Or the freaking way London pints have about 2 inches of foam on the top bastards! I even remember the pints in Germany 500ml, they were stealing 68ml of beer of me.

I've been scammed (and nearly) scammed in most countries I've been to but this is a China centric blog and thus concentrates on China so please do not get the wrong impression.

But hopefully people who do visit China tourists, business men and women etc go to China have a good time and don't get scammed which would be a fly in the ointment and piss them off badly.

Oh man did I used to get scammed on ebay fixing my bike would have cost me £200 to fix it but for the £110 of fake parts sent to me.

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