10 June 2010

China scams 6

A bloke will stop you and chat to you, oh sir you look very ill maybe my friend can give you some medicine to help you?.

You can see where this is going already...

Luckily enough they will have an uber expensive medicine to cure you.

HOWEVER Gua Sha is not a scam, they make you lie down and rub your back with a stick of some kind which makes you go all red and black on your back like you've had the shit kicked out of you or something (my dad did this years ago and everybody thought he'd been mugged). The more red ness the more 'poison' is removed. A Gua Sha master will charge you 40-60RMB for a session, anything more and he's trying it on. Does it work? Dunno but my dad swears by it and so does my older family who are all pushing 100 years old.

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